9/23/2021 - United Kingdom (UK) - Vaccination Breakthrough Report

Week 34 to 37 report in UK

In the United Kingdom, Astra-Zeneca and Pfizer are the two primary vaccines being utilized.

This data is stunning out of United Kingdom(UK), it seems the vaccines are not effective at preventing COVID and may actually be causing people to catch COVID.

I did find a medical study this week, that indicates Astra-Zeneca antibodies start to decline within 3 months of 2nd dose from the Times of India where they use Astra-Zeneca, named Covishield. That is pretty much useless coverage in my opinion.

Its highly likely both Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca are waning and perhaps why the UK is seemingly backing off all mandates and passports.

Here is the data of the United Kingdom “COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report: 23 September 2021 (week 38)” I just reviewed, 28 day trend from 8/23 to 9/19.

Percent of Total Active Against Fully Vaccinated

As you recall, the vaccines were advertised at 95% effective in “preventing” COVID-19 New York Times 12/20/2020 - What Does 95% Effective Mean? Teaching the Math of Vaccine Efficacy.

Does anything in that above table look like 95% effective at preventing COVID-19, preventing severe COVID-19 or preventing death with COVID-19?

These studies produced by Pfizer and Moderna were horribly and fatally flawed. The efficacy calculation at preventing COVID-19 is horribly wrong in the study put forward by these business. Either they lied or they got it really really wrong. Do we now trust the same Big Pharma companies, the CDC, the FDA, the NIH or even the new media that their data is accurate for “safe and effective” with any of these vaccines? The only logical conclusion we were sold a bill of goods by Big Pharma, the CDC, and the FDA and the news media. Thus they keep redefining the definition of “95"%” and then hiding the data to keep peoples attention away from their abject failure.

In the UK we might look at the row for deaths for age 60 to 69 and the column for vaccinated vs not vaccinated, that are currently in the hospital. In 60 to 69 age, there were 516 deaths in last 60 days, of those 311 were fully vaccinated and 170 were not vaccinated and 25 partially vaccinated. So lets say 170+25 = 195 not fully vaccinated. And there was 10 unlinked so we will just toss that data, so we got 506. Of the 506 deaths in last 60 days, 311 deaths were fully vaccinated, or 61.5% and 38.5% were not vaccinated … That was the last 60 days in the hospital in the UK.

To illustrate the absurdity, there is a column called per 100,000 column, and they are going to say due to sampling size (or sampling size error) of +80% of people in these age groups are vaccinated, so actually the not vaccinated are 31.4 per 100,000 and the 5.5 per 100,000 for the vaccinated. Effectively saying the not vaccinated die at 5.7 X the rate than the vaccinated????? I know but I just showed you the last 60 days, 311 vaccinated people out of 506 total people in the UK died with the vaccine.

Why do we not have this information in the United States? The CDC has failed us in tracking breakthrough cases and I am starting to wonder if the failure is not because of nefarious purposes, to cover-up the failure of Big Pharma’s lies on vaccination of efficacy at preventing COVID-19.

95% effective preventing COVID-19, no wait 95% effective at preventing severe COVID-19, no wait 95% effective at preventing death?

In addition the CDC’s owns estimates as of May 2021 for Infection Fatality Rate and Hospital varies by Age Group, to almost be statiscially insignifigant at .06% for anyone under 50. Also when you consider the Vaccine Advese Events Reporting System(VAERS) database, where it is extremely likely perhaps only 10% are reported.

Why mandate anyone take this vaccine, given the above information? Given the IFR and hospitalization perhaps the elderly age group might be recommended where the CDC estimates 22% hospitalization and 5% death for those 65 and older. According to the CDC estimates of less than .06% IFR for 50 and younger hence mandating COVID-19 vacccines for people younger than 50 is utter lunancy, especially given there is no longer term studies spanning 3, 5 or 10 years on these vaccines.