CDC Estimates - COVID-19 Hospitalization & Death - Feb 2020 - May 2021

Let's try to be calm!

I am not sure why the news media cannot present information on COVID-19 so people can be informed and not freakout.

Could it be the news media knows fear drives ratings, ratings drive advertisements and advertisements generate revenue?

I would encourage everyone to stare at this data daily and realize it’s concerning but lets not freakout.

Bill Maher: (published 9/16/2021) - YouTube
'Liberal Media' Must Take 'Responsibility' for Scaring People about COVID

We have the pandemic with an infection called COVID-19 and in parallel we have a pandemic of FEAR. If you get infected, you’re going to be ok, yes it’s going to be a nasty bugger of an infection, you may lose some friends and loved ones, but you’re going to be “ok”.

Estimated COVID-19 Burden- CDC estimates that from February 2020–May 2021

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