COVID-19 Vitamin D Deficiency & Hospitalization


There has been some studies that perhaps Vitamin D3 deficiency was found in people contracting COVID-19 and possibly effecting the individual with severe outcomes.

What is Vitamin D - Mayo Clinic

It is interesting to me that coronaviruses seem to circulate here in the United States in the winter time. Vitamin D, is naturally produced by our body with exposure to sunshine. In the winter time, much of America is sunshine staved (due to length of day and frigid temperatures). Also, up to 35% of adults are deficient on Vitamin D.

I heard rumors that Dr. Fauci Sept/Oct 2020 said was taking Vitamin D, and in follow-on email he indicates he is taking 6,000 IU of Vitamin D. In one of the studies, it says 35% of adults are deficient in Vitamin D. I wonder if there could be some correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and the 25% of 65 and older people who end up in the hospital??

Interesting, what clinical Studies would correlate a deficiency of Vitamin D is found in people either testing positive for COVID-19 or hospitalization.

Based on that Data, what is Dan doing?

The risk of side-effect with Vitamin D is extremely low, the potential benefit seems extremely high. I would rather build-up a baseline before infection, so I am taking Vitamin D3 daily. I know Dr. Fauci takes 6,000 IU, but I personally take 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily with Vitamin K2.

Side Note: Someday I may write an post on K2 benefits for heart.