9/9/2021 - United Kingdom - COVID-19 Vaccine surveillance (fully vaccinated breakthrough) report

28 day - COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report- Latest published 9/9

I am actually sitting here shocked, digesting the data of the United Kingdom “COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report: 9 September 2021 (week 36)” I just reviewed, 28 day trend from 8/9 to 9/5. I am stunned.

This is definitive proof the COVID-19 - 2-dose vaccines (probably mRNA) is a complete and an utter failure. This is an extremely large data set, across the entire United Kingdom maybe 48 million people and this report is proof positive, the 2-dose “full vaccination” campaign has totally failed for the mRNA (Pfizer) and possibly Astra-Zenaca.

I am starting to be suspicious of other vaccines like Astra-Zenaca, since this report does not distinguish. Given the extremely high #’s, it seems like more data is needed!

The mRNA vaccine appears extremely “leaky” and never should have left clinical trials, much less been approved by the FDA.

As you can see in the report. Most age groups have above 70% vaccination coverage in the United Kingdom. For people 45 and older it appears there is above 80% vaccination coverage in the United Kingdom.

This absolutely confirms everything in Israel, where at 6 months the vaccine efficacy of the mRNA vaccines dropped from 95% to 16%.

Active Cases, Hospitalization and Death over 28 day(8/9 to 9/5) period by age group.

My math was to take 2 dose >= 14 days column and divide it by total cases (minus unlinked column), since we do not know which category an unlinked should be applied.

Some might argue my math does not take into account, the weighted average of the population, that took the vaccination vs didn’t since in most of these age groups 80% have taken the shot. It does not matter what way you slice it, this mRNA vaccine is an abject failure. If you look in the report you can see the weighted averages, but even the case rate, when considering weighted average is shocking!!

The mRNA make the claim 95% efficacy cases & severe. The mRNA 2 dose claim of 95% effective at preventing symptomatic. False. mRNA 95% effective at preventing severe cases. False. mRNA effective at preventing death. False.

My Conclusion:
This mRNA vaccine failure is happening in Israel, and it is happening in the United Kingdom. I have no reason to believe this is not actively happening in the United States, especially given CDC inability to broadly track it. Lack of data is not good data. There is absolutely no way this mRNA Pfizer vaccine should have received FDA approval. It is by definition an extremely “leaky vaccine”, causing immense problems among millions, if not billions of people. Pfizer should be withdrawn, I would say the jury is still out on Moderna and even Astra-Zeneca (more data needed). These horrible polices including vaccine mandates, vaccine passports and job termination need to be immediately withdrawn, the whole house of cards is based on faulty data and a leaky vaccine. If Pfizer had any integrity they would withdraw their vaccine and admit it is a failure, it can’t even make it 6 months. I am very concerned, this may lead to Antibody Dependency Enhancment (ADE).

For the record:
I am not anti-vaccine. I got a 2” cut on my face 4 weeks ago, requiring 9 stitches. I opted to get a tetanus booster, due to 50% mortality rate, and years of clinical studies and efficacy. I am extremely skeptical of this mRNA vaccine due rushed science and no clinical data on long term effects, etc. When science is rushed, coupled with emotion and fear, they get it wrong more often than right.

Link to United Kingdom Public Health
COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report: 9 September 2021 (week 36’)”