9/27/2021 - MN Vaccine Breakthrough Information

Cases 29.7%, Hospitalization 32.7%, Deaths 40%

Minnesota Public Health data from the last seven days (9/27/2021)

  • 4,717 vaccination vaccine breakthrough cases

  • 227 hospitalization vaccine breakthrough

  • 42 death vaccine breakthrough

Explanation of the Minnesota Math
Minnesota Department of Health releases data every 7 days typically on Monday. In tracking the data I am now tracking week to week increases. The data is tracked in all three of those categories (cases, hospitalization, deaths) and then on each subsequent Monday, I can can figure out the weekly increase as new data is published. Secondly, I go back to a different website where the Minnesota Department of Health provides a data table for cumulative active cases, hospitalizations, deaths over the previous 7 day period. (links included below).

Reproduce the Data