9/14/2021 - Massachusetts COVID-19 Fully Vaccinated Breakthrough Data - 34% Cases, 25% Hospitalization, 47% Death

34% cases, 25% Hospitalization, 47% Death

9/14/20210 - Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccinated Breakthrough Data - 34% cases, 25% Hospitalization, 47% DeathMassachusetts Department of Public Health releases a weekly report on Tuesdays for vaccination breakthrough data among fully vaccinated.

This report was released 9/14/2021, and tracks the data from 9/4 to 9/11.

Note: Labor Day stats are included in this week, so the data set is likely slightly skewed.

This data is likely to vary week to week, due to a variety of factors, including a 28 day instead of 7 day average would probably be a bit more coincise.

** The Hospialization data is unique, when I open the total raw data spreadsheet from Massachusetts Public Health it contains column for both total active hospitalization, and also a column for COVID-19 people vaccinated and hospitalized. Thus I could get the % of hosptizalizations for each day and then average it over the 7 days.

For what it is worth, I believe the math is accurate, however there is a lot of column’s in the raw data, so I am attempting to select what I believe to be the accurate column’s to generate the data.

Weekly Report - COVID-19 Cases in Vaccinated Individuals

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You can calculate active fully vaccinated breakthrough hospitalizations on this chart (for a specific date)